The STePPS CRE has four major aims

These aims will generate new knowledge and will translate this knowledge into policy and practice and build workforce capacity.

1. Better Knowledge of Causes, Consequences & Evidence-based Solutions

Basic research in cohort and cross-sectional studies, biological and psychosocial risk factors and systematic review and meta-synthesis of the existing evidence base.

2. Better e-mental health Interventions and improved treatment uptake

Further develop interventions with new trials to address knowledge gaps, replicability and overcoming stigma, rural isolation, lack of workforce capacity and inequity of access.

3. Integrate e-health with traditional services in a coherent stepped-care model

Implementation research to facilitate evidence translation, systems integration and impact assessment.

4. Health policy and workforce capacity

Promote national and global collaboration to drive the effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy, as well as building workforce and research capacity and training future leaders.

Ultimate outcomes of STePPS CRE activities

This CRE will produce better knowledge, better interventions and mental health treatments, improved help-seeking and access, and e-mental health tools integrated with traditional services in a coherent stepped-care model. On the national level the tangible outcomes will:

  • Reduce & Infant Morbidity From Perinatal Mental Illness

  • Cut the Social and Economic Costs Shouldered by Children and Future Generations

  • Establish Sustainable Translation of Research-to-Practice into the Future

The strengths of STePPS CRE

We are an expert, cross-disciplinary team of leading global collaborators who, together, have had a significant role nationally and internationally leading advances in identification, new treatments and ameliorating the impacts on children. The team members have long histories of successful collaborations and have a range of specific perinatal mental health expertise directly relevant to the main streams of this CRE .