Professor Helen Skouteris

Professor Helen Skouteris

Monash Warwick Professor of Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI), School of Public Health, Monash University.

Chief Investigator B

Director and CIA of CRE Health in Preconception and Pregnancy (CRE HiPP, 2020 - 2024) and the first researcher internationally to lead the scale up of a co-designed healthy eating/active living program for young people and their carers in residential out-of-home care.

Top 5 publications in the last five years

  1. Blewitt, C......,....& Skouteris, H. (2020). Integrating Health and Educational Perspectives to Promote Preschoolers’ Social and Emotional Learning: Development of a Multi- Faceted Program Using an Intervention Mapping Approach. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(2), 575. This intervention mapping study co-designed the SEED intervention that is being scaled across Victoria.
  2. Skouteris, H., Bergmeier, H., Berns, S.D., Betancourt. J., Boynton-Jarrett, R., Davis, M. B., Gibbons, K., Perez-Escamilla, R., & Story, M. (2020). Reframing the early childhood obesity prevention narrative through an equitable nurturing approach. Maternal Child Nutrition, 17(1), This paper was the result of a prestigious invitation to participate in the Salzburg Seminar “Halting the Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Identifying Decisive Interventions for Complex Systems”, from the 14th to the 19th of December 2019. Co-authored with CI Skouteris’ Salzburg Fellow colleagues.
  3. O'Donnell, R., Ayton, D., Pizzirani, B., Savaglio, M., Fast, D., Vicary, D., & Skouteris, H. (2020). MyCare - Enhancing community mental health care in Tasmania, Australia: Program description and implementation findings. Australian Journal of Primary Health. This paper describes the implementation strategy underpinning a community-based mental health program that was successful in facilitating program uptake.
  4. Skouteris, H……. (2019). Commentary:  Addressing Healthy Lifestyle During Preconception and Pregnancy:  Time for Urgent Action. Frontiers in Endocrinology- Obesity.  Doi: 10.3389/fendo.2019.00163.  Women’s health and wellbeing is a major focus of CI Skouteris’ research interest and expertise. Skouteris has pioneered the establishment of both national and international alliances that are focused on improving women’s health across the reproductive years and is Director and Lead of CRE HiPP.
  5. Cox (nee Green), R., Skouteris, H. et al. (2018). A qualitative exploration of coordinators’ and carers’ perceptions of the Health Eating, Active Living programme of residential care. Child Abuse Review, 27, 122-136. Dr Rachael Green (nee Green) was Skouteris’ PhD student and they secured industry research funding from 2018 – 2023 to scale up the Healthy Eating Active Living Matters program for your people in out-of-home care.

Overall track record in the last 5 years

Current leadership roles:

  • Monash Warwick Professor in Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science (holds a Monash and Warwick University appointment and leads collaborative work across both entities with 80% focus in Australia and 20% in the UK).
  • Director, Health and Social Care Unit, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash
  • Lead, Evidence Synthesis, Qualitative and Implementation Methods Division, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University
  • Director (CIA) of Centre of Research Excellence in Health in Preconception and Pregnancy (CRE HiPP)
  • Lead of the Health in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum (HiPPP) National Collaborative and co-lead of the Global HiPPP Alliance
  • Academic lead and HDR Co-ordinator, Graduate Industry Research Partnership (GRIP) Data-Driven Innovation in Healthcare

Research support: $22M in Category 1-3 funding over the last 5 years

SummaryLast 5 years (since 2016)Career (PhD passed 1997)
Citations8720 (GS)12015 (GS)
H Index5158
PhD/Masters completions2636

Contribution to field of research: Skouteris has a strong track record in education and training with cross sector partners. She has led large scale programs in child and maternal health and wellbeing and brings expertise in intervention mapping, behavioural theory, and qualitative research as well as logic model development. She currently leads the Health and Social Care Unit at Monash with a staff of 51 including 30 ECRs and MCRs and 15 PhD students. Skouteris has significant expertise in co-design and implementation of systems level and policy change.

Collaborations: Skouteris has collaborated previously with CIs and AIs on this application. She has worked and/or published with 341 colleagues nationally and internationally, including from all States of Australia, the US, South America, Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Iran, and New Zealand; these colleagues are from 151 research institutions and centres and from health, community service, and education organisations. Her collaborative networks of colleagues have diversified to many disciplines beyond developmental psychology (the discipline of Skouteris’ PhD), including community services, social work, education, medicine, public health, nursing and midwifery, primary care, nutrition, exercise physiology, physiotherapy, business and management, information technology, and implementation science; she has established/led 9 Category 1 grant teams and has been a CI on 12 others.

Community engagement and participation: Skouteris has a very strong track record in health and community services participation, including with ACCOs and ACCHOs. Indeed, her work in integrating health and social care is primarily supported by government and community (child and family welfare, early childhood education and aged care partners). All projects are co-designed with consumer and community involvement. Professional activities and international standing: Skouteris has served on many professional committees, recent examples include: an invited representative on the Monash Partners and the National AHRA Health Services Research Committees; an invited expert researcher for Disordered Eating in Pregnancy Delphi Study, Bond University and Massey University (2015 - ); an invited expert to peer- review an “umbrella review” document: ‘Interventions that promote increased breastfeeding rates and breastfeeding duration among women’, for the Health Research Board, Dublin (2016); member of the Victorian Health Eating Enterprise Implementation working party (2017 - ); member of the MacKillop Family Services Respecting Sexual Safety Advisory Group (2016 - ); member of the editorial board of Early Child Development and Care; Chair, Parent Infant Research Institute Board (2019 - ); member, Executive Strategic Project Board, Midlands Engine Project, Coventry University (2019 -); member of the Go8 Roadmap to Recovery Covid-19 Committee (2020); member of the Australian Federal Gov CALD Communities Covid-19 Health Advisory Group; member of the Australia Research Council College of Experts (2021 - ); Appointed as a Salzburg Global Fellow (2019-) ; Honorary Professor, Depart of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education, Uni of Patras, Greece (2019 –). Peer review involvement: Reviewer of grants from: ARC, NHMRC, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity Granting Scheme, Healthway, Western Australia’s Health Promotion Foundation, United Arab Emirates University.

Supervision and mentoring: In her current role as Head of the Health and Social Care Unit, Skouteris leads a team of 45 early- and mid-career researchers. She is the lead mentor of the National Health in Preconception, Pregnancy and Postpartum (HiPPP) Early- and Mid- Career Collective that is led by her NHMRC Early Career Fellow Dr Briony Hill (>60 members to date). She has supervised 36 PhD students, 5 Masters students and 40 fourth year/Honours students to completion.