Brian Danaher

Professor Brian Danaher

Oregon Research Institute & Prevention Science Institute, University of Oregon.

Associate Investigator 4

Senior Research Scientist, Oregon Research Institute & Influence Innovations; Research Professor Emeritus, Prevention Science Institute, University of Oregon. Trained as a research clinical psychologist, Professor Brian Danaher is an innovative leader in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of eHealth interventions for health behaviour change. A hallmark of his extensive work has been the development and evaluation of MomMoodBooster, an eHealth intervention for perinatal depression – both its original version (developed in close collaboration with CIA Milgrom and her PIRI team) as well as its more recent US version tested in an RCT based within a multi-hospital healthcare organization (described in 2023 AJOG publication). Professor Danaher will have input into study design, program implementation and interpretation of results generated in the proposed CRE.