STePPS CRE Governance

Governance Structure of STePPS CRE

The STePPS CRE team leverages our very strong, global collaborations to drive translation into policy and practice, to apply the outputs of the CRE, through strong governance structures and processes.

A clear governance framework defines the roles and responsibilities within the team to drive the objectives of the CRE.  The chart below depicts the governance relationships between researchers, project staff, early career researchers and consumers. We maintain our working collaborations through regular meetings and a PhD and Postdoctoral mentoring program.

Reporting relationships are shown in the chart below. The CRE Executive Committee is chaired by CI Milgrom supported by CIs Gemmill and Skouteris. The Chair liaises closely with the other team members in management of project finances, human resources, data security, ethics, privacy protection, reporting obligations, conflict resolution and risk management. The CRE team is experienced in ensuring that risks are recognised, mitigated, and reviewed frequently. We have protocols in place to manage unanticipated risks. We address risks through regular review and documented and reportable actions at our regular meetings.

Governance Structure of STePPS CRE

The CRE Program Manager ensures cohesiveness of the team and the running of the research. They coordinate project plans and timelines and provide administrative support to the Training and Mentoring Committee. Each Stream is led by specific CIs supported by key CIs and AIs with expertise in the relevant area. The STePPS CIs and AIs, stakeholders (including consumers) and partners are central to our governance model with representation on the Community Advisory Committee to ensure consumers are represented at every stage of the process, advise on consumer co-design and implementation in health care systems. This Committee champions CCI principles for engagement and advocacy creating a framework with consumers as central to co-design research and translation. Co-design and co-implementation principles and broad stakeholder engagement underpin all aspects of the CRE. We also engage Stakeholder groups who will be invited to annual CRE showcases with opportunities to engage and inform priorities.

Finally, the Translation and Evaluation Committee Chaired by CI Skouteris works closely with the CRE Executive Committee to monitor progress in the translation and promotion of CRE findings and activities, including stakeholder involvement.